A tad knackered.

Just a bit.  We returned the GDD to her parents yesterday and I am at the interesting stage of falling asleep when I sit down.

The night before she went home the GDD did not sleep because she didn’t want to go home, but knew she was going.  So I didn’t sleep because she didn’t sleep.

Earlier in the week her very ailing cat went the long journey.  Having received this news, she found sleep fugitive, so therefore, so did I.  Yet in the daytime she was still wide awake and full of questions of the ‘What are we going to do next?’ variety.

We did the castle, the park, the shops, more shops, visiting next door’s dog, visiting chickens, rubber stamping, going to the old church, clothes shopping, going back to the second shop to get another bag with a mystery thing in it different from the first mystery thing, shopping for clothes in another shop, the good sweet shop, the other sweet shop and competitive drawing.

It was quite a steep learning curve.  We now know why people in the middle ages did not live as long as people now.  This was because the toilets (which were a wooden board with a hole in them)  were over the same river the drinking water came from, and the doctors thought if you wore a special hat you wouldn’t get sick. We learned that if you can keep still and not bounce around, the dog will be less wildly excited and  not bark so much.  We learned a load of hints and tips for the Minecraft game we had left somewhere at home off You Tube and we learned to close the sun room door (now known as the sunshine room) because one of us is driven mad by the incessant commentary of the lady with the loud voice.  One of us also learned the folly of dressing a seven year old in a brand new, just bought, white top and then leaving her alone in the sunshine room with a packet of chocolate biscuits.

And we never stopped moving unless we were asleep and in between everything else we washed clothes every day because of the popularity of chocolate biscuits.  We also made cakes and iced them and stuck unicorns on top to take home.  One of us washed several floors quite a few times and we talked about everything, from doctors to dying, to washing your hands and the extreme importance of not pooing in rivers.

And now I would like to sleep and be very quiet for quite a while.


One of us used to take a hundred and twenty seven year olds on a Friday afternoon so that other teachers could get a bit of prep done,  and then stay up late because it was Friday night and therefore the weekend.

Long ago in history, when the world was young.


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