The Min.

Unreasonable joy.  ’Tis a month to the Min.

If you go the the Miniatura website, you will discover quite a lot about the show, but you will have to wait until next week to see the floor plan.  We love the new venue at Stoneleigh but it has a few, very few, disadvantages.  We know from previous shows that any cash machines are in the banks onsite and closed and not accessible at the weekend.  We know that the antidote to that is A) the easy one – bring plenty of actual money (I am telling you this at the start of the month, very deliberately before you go spending it on unnecessary stuff like food.)  B) is – in desperate need, the Farmer’s Market shop at the entrance to the venue will give you change for a small purchase with a card, (but I didn’t tell you this.)  Long ago when I was just a visitor I used to arrive with emergency money in various underwear locations and the lining of my handbag.  I was  always surprised to get down to my socks which happened invariably.  It’s Miniatura, every exhibitor is selected, you are going to want everything.  I always did.  Still do.

The only other inconvenience is that exhibition halls on the site are limited, we’ve got hall 1, which is a big hall but has a limitation on numbers for safety reasons.  The show is growing again since the lockdown.  Tickets are selling, they always do.  It would be awful to miss out, so rush off to and get your ticket while there are some.  The previous venue had bigger halls, so extra people could be squeezed in but it also had car parks flipping miles away.  This lovely venue has car parking right outside the hall.  All on the level, flat as a pancake.  Car door to hall door in a minute, brilliant.

That’s it for now, I’m off to see to the kiln, I have a new range of porcelain ornaments about to have their fifth firing, I’ll show you when they are done.

Unreasonable joy!


Are you good at maths?  Visit and look at the ticket prices, especially the weekend tickets that give you entry both days………..for how much?


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