Hello Dolly!

It has been a pleasure for the last eighteen years to see photographs of dolls made by me in their new homes living their new lives.

The pleasure, quite unexpected, proves what I always thought, that doll collectors are very much right minded people.  To buy something and treasure it, is the reason I was making lasting things in the first place.  I know we shouldn’t be wedded to possessions; I admire those who choose a life with just the clothes they stand up in and a begging bowl.  I’m not sure what purpose it serves to make this as a choice unless it is to free yourself to think.  Thinking is undoubtedly the way forward and history does seem to prove that, as a species, if we can think it we can eventually do it.  If there are people prepared to give up everything to think the world better, I can only applaud their choice.

Most of us, however, assemble possessions.  Who knew, thirty years ago, that every home on the planet would consider itself in need of a computer?  Thirty years in terms of human history is less than the widening of an iris, let alone the blink of an eye; that our vision of the world and each other has been so enhanced just by opening our eyes to see each other would have been beyond comprehension fifty years ago.  That the use of mobile phones would spring a revolution in thinking across so many nations would have been unexpected twenty years ago.  The pace of change is accelerating exponentially as the communications revolution gathers pace.  The core of what we are communicating to each other seems to be that we know at last that we are one.  We want to enjoy the benefits of collective success, the skies are full of air freight to everywhere from everywhere else and tight up at the pointy end are collectors.

At the start of making dolls the photographs were printed ones sent in letters or brought to shows.  I was touched that collectors would go to the bother of taking numerous photographs of a dolls’ house, never an easy subject for numerous technical reasons, in order to show me how happy my dolls were in their new homes.  There was no doubt about it; the dolls often had better accommodation than their new owners.

Now the photographs arrive by email at speed from many countries.  Here is this latest which Ayelet sent to show how a doll had got straight off the plane and headed for the kitchen.  What a kitchen it is!  This doll has certainly landed on her feet, look at the appliances and the lovely wipe clean surfaces!


This twenty forth scale house is very swish, there’s even a cooker hood and really nice matching kitchen units.

Thank you Ayelet and hello dolly!

I’m having a birthday day out tomorrow but rain is reliably forecast for the weekend and as the garden is pretty much planted out, it can if it likes; I’ll see you back here with some 48th scale shortly.


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