The prequel of the son of the best bits of the director’s cut of Part 2 of the ‘Luke I am your father’ of Midweek Miniatura. 2

Oh it’s going to be a good one, I can feel it.  Sometimes you just know.  I am not going to floffel around because there’s just too much to show you.

First up the new Petite Properties properties (for want of a better word.)  There is going to be loads of new stuff in at least three scales, many will be the popular Basic house kits available at a much appreciated basic price.

Right now a preview of the hottest off the laser.

Honeysuckle HouseCockleshell Cottage

Honeysuckle House               and     Cockleshell Cottage   and

Church Farm Cottages

oh wow! A pair of semis!  These are Church Farm Cottages and don’t you just want to tell the story?  I ask you: who lives in a house like this and who lives next door?  Is it the romance of the youngest, wilful daughter of the well to do pork butcher and the widow’s pale, threadbare only son?  Is it the feud of the retired captain who lives for his award-winning roses and the huge family crammed in next door with a scrapyard in the garden?  Is it…………..  well, you decide.

Talking of stories there are some lovely ones at Dateman books.

Needlecraft transNautical tables trans

As you can see the latest volumes are not so much stories as the kind of handy manual absolutely everyone has hanging around the house.  The nautical tables were used by captains of sailing ships; the same Mrs Beeton who was famous for ‘take three peacocks and stuff them’ was also well known for ‘take five yards of cambric and a needle………’  Either book would very nicely contextualise your room or vignette but for a real blast from the past of many of us, how about the 1957 AA Handbook?

AA Booktrans

Now where did I park my Morris Minor?

While you are tootling around the hall, pull in at Willow Models for a quick top up of 48th scale.  Martin Pearce makes utterly amazing furniture in yew in this scale.  Just look at this dresser.

The working drawers would turn anyone’s head but if you don’t consider this sufficiently accomplished how about these turnings?

How does he do it?  I have no idea but I do know this is the sort of stuff that gives miniatures a very good name and a place in museums.  If you do fancy a bit of very collector in 48th scale I recommend you make Willow Models one of your early calls at the show; Martin is the sort of craftsman with a long list of patient customers who are prepared to wait, so needless to say it is only early birds who will even get to see these tasty morsels.

And honey, if you have the bottle, jam yourself in front of Carol Smith’s stand to check out the preserves,


especially if you’re looking for eggsactly the right provisions to spread in a 12th scale pantry.

2nd june pantry 001

As always all the details, times, dates and the stand listings can be found at – standing around the stands.

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