good wishes

The poor web manager, my son, a gentle soul, happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time last week and was set upon in the street of the perfectly respectable town where we live and given a kicking.  He has a broken eye socket and extensive bruising.

The police are dealing with the matter.

The thing that has amazed me is how philosophical my son has been.  He spent the last decade in a dangerous town; I worried constantly and can’t believe this happened so close to here.  Given his life experience, my son describes the beating as ‘random’.  He is not filled with anger, as you’d expect, though dozens of people are, on his behalf.  I am encouraged by the strength of support from the large number of his friends and ours and above all things surprised to have raised a philosopher.

Send him your good wishes, if you will, and be encouraged.  There is evil in the world but there is also a great deal of good.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – always hopeful

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