Having a little break.

Specifically radius and ulna.  Right across both.

It happened with remarkable ease.  One of the cats had been sick, in the corner on my weighted work-out gloves.  So I did my work out after I’d cleaned it up, washed the gloves and hung them on the washing line in the snow.  Then, having done my 1,000 steps, I got out the vacuum, vacuumed the carpet, the cobweb on the wall and, just quickly, the ceiling.  It was while walking backwards vacuuming the ceiling that I fell over the work-out steps, brilliantly putting my arm backwards to save me.  Well it saved the rest of me but not the arm, which hurt quite a lot, straightaway.  I finished the vacuuming one armed for an hour while the other half got up and dressed and had some breakfast and then drove me to the hospital.

It said on the display on the wall that the waiting time was three hours but I was seen, X-rayed and plastered in two hours, which wasn’t bad going.  If you have to break something, Monday morning is a reasonably good time to do it.

I’ve been told not to do Miniatura but I’ll wait and see what they say at the fracture clinic I have to attend at 8 in the morning on Wednesday.  Goodness alone knows what time I’ll have to get up to get showered with my arm in a plastic bag to go to that.

So it’s all up in the air and my celebration of 20 years in business with an entire brand new range of relief sculpture pictures may have to wait until the Autumn.  I am an interesting assortment of emotions and pain at present.  One good thing is that I’m so old I’m not even bothering to go into the what-ifery of it all.  Neither have I considered yet how I’m going to get to Cheltenham to help the ancient parent, who was dismayed about my little break for a good half minute before launching into her sciatica at length.

Oh it’s all going terribly well.

News of people who are able to exhibit up soon.

Life is such a pain sometimes.  I’ve been doing so much for so many people I wanted a little break.  I got two.

Be careful what you wish for.


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