Population explosion.

I’ve single handedly produced a population explosion!

I have finished the Milliput sculptures which are the basis for my new family of 24th scale porcelain dolls.  There are twelve new dolls, which I hope covers most eventualities.  Here they are.


The entire population explosion neatly fits on on sheet of A4 paper.  As you can see, a couple of the main protagonists have two heads; the basic man body and the basic lady. Would you like a closer look?


Here is the basic lady, with two heads and the shrivelled old lady with a miserable expression, who isn’t based on my mother at all.


Here is the old bat again, with her husband, the old man.  Next up


the baby, a child and a tubby middle aged lady.  Or it could be, depending on your take on such things, a poor struggling goddess of a sensible age and her two whiny brats.  Then there’s


two little boys and it already looks as if the bigger one is going to kick the little one and they aren’t even in the porcelain and strung together yet.  The giant pink pole is a plastic cocktail stick, to hold the head in position while I photographed it.

Next up


an older teenage girl and a lady.  Then


Mr d’Arcy and some middle aged chap with a corporation.


I do like my old man and I’m also fond of


this lot.  Once they get into the porcelain they will become themselves, they always do, no matter what I put into them.  That’s because the Milliput is tractable and well behaved, but plaster of Paris, as used for moulds, has a mind of its own, porcelain slip is the king of clays and behaves accordingly and the kiln is under the direct guidance of Vulcan and the heating elements.  All that temperament in one small doll.  No wonder they turn out with their own personalities.  Then they get dressed and wigged and then they go and live in your house.  They are every bit as variable as people and for all the same reasons, though I would like to think they all have my DNA.

Here is something else I modelled, what is it?


Does it help if I put these with it?


Answers next blog together with the perennial question: where are the toilets in Church?


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