A happy weekend.

What a happy weekend!  It was all the more unexpected as I had the most dreadful virus, with which we are all still ill.  This is a perfect example of terrible timing as it is the wedding of the S&H on Friday.  In a worse example of timing, his poor future father-in-law is now in a hospice and barely here.  A doctor and paramedics were called to my mother yesterday; she is now on oxygen and I dare not go there because the virus is upper respiratory.

In the middle of all of this, Miniatura.  Always different, always the same.  This time when I said I was at the front of the hall, I lied (I was reading the floor plan upside down).  I was at the back with a great overview of the workshops.  These were placed between the restaurant tables and the hall, surrounded by waist height walls, so diners could watch the workshoppers.  As a result they were absolutely chock a block all weekend and thoroughly appreciated by viewers and participants alike.

Saturday was as busy as Sunday for me, I never got away to do photography, though when Rita came to help on Sunday I did manage to get some shopping done.  On my own stand there was a positive run on everything 48th scale.  I had several wallpaper pattern sell-outs, the porcelain accessories were decimated and the doll stand looked like it had been hit by a hurricane.

As ever for me the highlight of the show was catching up with all the customers who have become friends through the years.  Miniatura is more like a club than a shopping event.  It was great to see Teresa Thompson back after being so ill, with a full head of hair and a full stand of dolls.  You simply cannot keep a good miniaturist down.  The new exhibitors were terrific too, a couple were utterly outstanding.

Back on my stand nobody bought a puppet, they will obviously need some thinking about, or a puppet theatre, but listening to comments I have some good ideas for next time.  I think I will invest in a little table or a collapsible bookstand to continue round the corner of my stand because I want the room on the table for the new 24th scale dolls.

As you can see I haven’t really stopped and, things in reality being as awful as they are, I intend to miniaturise my way through my troubles and out the other side.

I love Miniatura.  I absolutely love it.  No matter what the year brings there it is twice a year full of enthusiasm, craftsmanship, good humour and fun.  The Autumn one is the 20th and 21st of September and I am getting working for it right now.


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