It all makes work…………….

Do you remember the comic songs of Flanders and Swan?  They had one called The Gasman Cometh in which each tradesman who arrived created a problem that required the work of another tradesman.  The chorus was ‘Oh it all makes work for the working man to do.’

I thought this was hilarious and fanciful at the time, now I know it is funny because it is true.

In my beautiful new work room I have painted three walls and the ceiling white and one wall as green as green can be.  Against the green green wall of home will stand a radiator composed of 44 tubes in a enamelled bronze colour that are decorative on their own and will cast interesting shadows as the light moves round.  On the opposite wall are a wall of cupboards with glass knobs that cast interesting shadows as the light moves round.  On the ceiling twin three spot lights that cast interesting shadows from the radiator and the knobs as you move round.

So cometh the plumbers after three days of turning up and buzzing off.  They cannot put the radiator on the wall; it is too heavy.  So the wall was knocked out in two lines and replaced with two battens strong enough to hang the radiator.  Then they plastered.


So the plan was for me to paint again.  Then I had the vomiting thing again. Oh how heartily tired I am of that.  You cannot paint a wall when your intestines are acting up, all you can do is lie in bed and sweat.

This AM, quite a bit better, I have got started.  I have to get three coats on and dry because they are coming tomorrow AM to hang the radiator.

Then there is the soil stack. , Have I told you about the soil stack?

I haven’t got time, I have to get another coat on now this minute to be able to do the next one and get it all dry by tomorrow, other wise they will come, look at a wet wall, shake their heads and disappear.

Oh it all makes work for the working Jane to do.

The OH has joined in.  He is painting the ceiling of the downstairs loo so the electricians can put a light in there.

How our ambitions shrink in life as we age!

All I want for Christmas is a working toilet with a light.

It feels like one step off a pit and a cover.


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