As it is August, I had to go out in the rain to photograph my lilies before they go over.

P8081113 (2)

Even from inside the house, through the French window they are pretty good.

P8081114 (2)

I was quite quick with the lily beetle spray this year.  It has paid off, strong growth in the leaf stage seems to produce better blooms, possibly because the plant is not using all its energy to fight the attack.  If you go outside and turn the other way on the steps you see this:

P8081105 (2)

The cascade is rooted in several different pots.

I went out to the front garden,where a gentleman walking past, stopped so as not to get in shot and remarked on how beautiful the lilies are.

P8081108 (2)

I agree, even those in pots doing their first year are good this time.

P8081109 (2)

You can appreciate the use of them by Victorian artists as symbolic of all things angelic.  Considering that these are bulbs that anyone can grow, that are readily available and not expensive, (and these are not the giant lilies, just ordinary Asiatic lilies) they really are out of this world, even in an English garden,in the rain.

P8081103 (3)


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