The in between days.

What do you do on the days between Christmas and new year?

I know what 58 people will be doing, they’ll be doing my Christmas card.

As you know, if you are a regular reader, these have been getting more extravagant over the years.  The lockdown card was a theatre, actors and a play, last year’s was a house to decorate for the holiday, this year’s was a frosty village to build.

I left it a bit late to start producing, though it had been designed in my head for over a year.  The village consisted of houses, cut from the Tim Holtz village dies, in the smaller size, a base, a frosty top, lights to sandwich between the two and poke up into the houses.  Where you put the houses and how you decorated them was entirely individual, and the project just the job for the boring in between days.

I nearly didn’t make them, I had a couple of poorly days at the start, then got RSI and a swollen wrist from sticking 500 houses together but I carried on until the job was done, then, brilliantly, we had the postage strikes, but most recipients got them and were invited to send pictures of their finished villages to be featured here.

First up is Lucy, who sent photos of the work in progress


as you can see she added snow


and did plenty of artwork, and the finished result was


absolute magic!

More pics, if, as and when.


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