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Getting ready for the Min is never easy, even before you have a number of personal difficulties to trip you up.  Nevertheless, in snatched moments, kilns have been fired, midnight oil has been burned and progress, of a sort, has been made.

Here is a little bit of it.


And the close-ups


The fireplaces have come out rather well




There are not many of each but there are some of each unpainted to paint and finish at a lower cost.  If you’ve been used to painting resin miniatures, you’ll love porcelain because it’s porous.  Instead of repelling the paint and having to make ways to get it to stick, as you do with metal too, the porcelain just drinks the paint in.  It does the same with glue; all these things have been unglazed on the base or the back so they glue in very easily.

The good news is, if I really get my finger out


There will be dolls


there may even be


wired flexible dolls.

If the post across the pond is up to speed there may be



Brodnax prints wallpapers, including the 5 new ones brilliant artist Jean Brodnax has designed specially for British miniaturists, some with a wonderful William Morris flavour, as you can see.  There will be a good selection of 48th scale wallpapers and some 24th scale on my stand, so if you’ve been going up the walls looking for something to put on them, come and have a look.  I’m right by the entrance.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – window on the smaller, better world.

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